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Coffee Gold Jacquard Men's Panjabi

Men’s Panjabi, which many people know as a kurta is an authentic dress. It is a loose collarless shirt or tunic worn in many regions of Asia. Generally, Panjabi or kurta is made of cotton or silk fabric. Panjabi is worn plain or with embroidered or printed decoration. You will get various types, styles, and designs of men’s Panjabi collection here. We have a lot of Men’s Panjabi collections and options. Many colors and sizes are here.

Our Men’s Panjabi are  made of top-quality fabrics, and custom design, fashionable and stylish.

History of Panjabi

The Panjabi kurta is made of two rectangular pieces with side slits, and a front opening below the neck. In the past, it was traditional for men to wear a gold or silver chain (zanjiri) woven around the buttons.

The Panjabi form of kurta is popular throughout the sub-continent. It is for this reason that, in Bengal and Bangladesh. the kurta is known as ‘Panjabi’ as the kurta is associated with Panjab and is considered an article of Punjabi dress. The Panjabi kurta was introduced to Assam by King Garib Niwaj of Manipur during his reign sometime between 1709 A.D. and 1749  A.D. where it is also known as Panjabi. It is also worn in Uttar Pradesh and since the 1960s has been replacing the traditional saluka (short shirt) worn in Madhya Pradesh. 

Our Men’s Panjabi Collections

We have a wide range of Panjabi collections for men along with men’s shirts and men’s waistcoats. You can get Solid Panjabi, Printed Panjabi, Embroidered Panjabi, Design Panjabi, etc. that are made of the best quality fabric.

Our distinctly designed Panjabi are highly fashionable, stylish, and comfortable.

A good selection of Panjabi is essential for every man’s wardrobe in Bangladesh and the sub-continent. But it might be challenging to select the one that would best suit you. A fashionable and designed Panjabi will simply make you seem fashionable and trendy.

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