Men's Waistcoat

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A men’s waistcoat is a sleeveless upper-body garment. It is usually worn over Dress Shirt or Panjabi as a Men’s Formalwear. Wearing a waistcoat over a dress shirt or Panjabi makes a man bold. In Bangladesh, aristocratic people wear waistcoat over Panjabi as a formal dress. We are introducing an exclusive design waistcoat collection that you can wear for any special occasion such as a wedding party, marriage ceremony, get-together, etc.

History of Men’s Waistcoat

A waistcoat has a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. Both single-breasted and double-breasted waistcoats exist, regardless of the formality of the dress, but single-breasted ones are more common. In a three-piece suit, the cloth used matches the jacket and trousers. Waistcoats can also have lapels or revers depending on the style.

Before wristwatches became popular, gentlemen kept their pocket watches in the front waistcoat pocket, with the watch on a watch chain threaded through a buttonhole. Sometimes an extra hole was made in line with the pockets for this use. A bar on the end of the chain held it in place to catch the chain if it were dropped or pulled.

Wearing a belt with a waistcoat, and indeed any suit is not traditional. To give a more comfortable hang to the trousers, the waistcoat instead covers a pair of braces underneath it.

A custom still sometimes practiced is to leave the bottom button undone. This is said to have been started by King Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales), whose expanding waistline required it. Variations on this include that he forgot to fasten the lower button when dressing and this was copied. It has also been suggested that the practice originated to prevent the waistcoat from riding up when on horseback. Undoing the bottom button avoids stress on the bottom button when sitting down; when it is fastened, the bottom of the waistcoat pulls sideways causing wrinkling and bulging, since modern waistcoats are cut lower than old ones. This convention only applies to single-breasted day waistcoats and not double-breasted, evening, straight-hem, or livery waistcoats that are all fully buttoned.

Our Waistcoat Collections

We have a wide range of waistcoat collections for men including various colors, prints, embroidery, and design. All sizes are available.

A good selection of waistcoats is essential for every man’s wardrobe in Bangladesh. You can use a waistcoat on a beautiful shirt or Panjabi. But it might be challenging to select the one that would best suit you. A fashionable and designed waistcoat will simply make you seem fashionable and trendy.

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